About the Book

End of the Rope
End of the Rope picks up the thread of Triple Exposure and runs with it. Ten years have passed, and Meg Klein now owns the house and land that belonged to Nicky Hennessey in Triple Exposure. This is their story.


When one of my daughters sent me a card with Ann Singsaas’s wonderful painting “Rush Hour” on the front, I thought the watercolor would make a great cover for a book about a woman who starts a stable and ends up taking in abandoned horses, horses she can’t afford to keep. That woman is Meg, who has two passions–Nicky and horses. The book is End of the Rope.


We owned horses for at least twenty years. My daughters showed their ponies and later their quarter horses in 4-H as well as open and quarter horse shows. We lived in Hamilton County, Indiana, which ranked third in the nation for horse population. Far from my native Wisconsin, with a best friend who loved horses, we spent many weekends showing.