End of the Rope
Jackie Calhoun’s latest book is a special read. Her characters seem like they could be yourself or one of your friends. The setting of her book is a horse stable owned by Meg Klein. I am not a “horse” person, but the description of her small farm, the barn, the horses, the goat and dogs that live in the barn let me see the attraction one could have of owning a place like this. I know nothing about horses, but after reading this book I felt like I owned one. I think any horse lover would love this book.


Calhoun’s main characters, Meg Klein and Nicky Hennessey give the reader a rollercoaster ride dealing with their feelings toward one another. I loved the young girl named Allie. She had her faults, but her love of horses and her caring for Meg and Nicky brought me back to my childhood dreams.


This is one of Calhoun’s finest books, a must read!   — anonymous